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More than 200 million Americans will shop online this year, generating nearly $300 billion in sales—and that number’s expected to rise by double-digits in the coming years. AdsMoi’s offer to social media influencers is simple: engage with great content from top brands, share your faves, and encourage your friends, family and social followers to buy using your unique AdsMoi link. And, hey, maybe they’ll generate some great rewards or cash back on their end, too!

But what does that actually look like, at the end of the day? How are influencers like you monetizing their social networks to fund the causes they care about? It’s simple—take the typical adult social media user. He’s got, on average, about 338 Facebook friends. If he’s 18-24 years old, he’s got almost double that, at 649. And that’s just Facebook—layer in Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst, Snapchat, Tumblr, Vine and blogs, and the number of people in this influencer’s social network could easily be in the thousands or even tens of thousands.

Tapping into AdsMoi, this influencer can choose his cause—it could be a charity he’s spearheading, his senior prom fund, a summer adventure he’s saving for, a semester of college or, even, so he can quit that pesky part-time job once and for all. No matter the cause, by harnessing the power of AdsMoi, he can monetize his social network 24/7, creating a smart, ongoing revenue stream to fund what’s important to him. What does that look like? Let’s say the guy in our example is 21 years old and has 1,200 social media contacts, including his expanded network of friends and family.

1,200 social media contacts

56% plan to shop online this year

= 672 online shoppers

We know the average online shopper spends $1,738 on e-commerce purchases each year. So, for your 672 online shoppers, that’s $1,167,938 in the next 12 months.

By capturing just 2% in cash back from AdsMoi, you’d generate more than $23,000 over the next year—nearly $2,000 per month—without any investment or heavy lifting. You’re simply sharing your link, encourage friends and family to use it when they shop online—which they’re already doing—and socializing some of your favorite products and services. Chances are, you’re doing that already.

And that’s a modest example—many AdsMoi influencers have thousands of connections across their social networks and personal contacts, making the potential funding that much greater. Or take a charity, for example—perhaps that’s the cause you’re funding with your AdsMoi account. Charities and non-profits could have thousands or even millions of members, friends, fans and supporters. Imagine using that same equation for a charity with, say, 1 million social contacts?

1,000,000 social media contacts

56% plan to shop online this year

= 560,000 online shoppers

If those 560,000 shoppers spend just the average—$1,738 per year or nearly $1 billion total—this charity could generate more than $19 million per year, or $1.6 million per month in incremental funding. And that’s not hard to do—by encouraging followers to use the charity’s unique AdsMoi link when they buy, supporters can do their part every time they shop.

Shopping with a purpose is that simple—check back for case studies from some of our AdsMoi influencers in the next few weeks. Or, better, share your story with us! Tell us how you’re harnessing the power of AdsMoi and your social network to fund what matters most to you. We’re all ears! or check out our contact page.