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New to AdsMoi? Learn the ins and outs of the platform with these comprehensive FAQs, from users like you!


Should I join AdsMoi as an official “ambassador?”

Yes! You’ve got the social influence, the reach and the contacts. You’re likely already an emerging AdsMoi star—why not kick things up a notch and help bring bigger, better partners to the site? As an Ambassador you’ll identify and secure partners, helping build the AdsMoi community even more. So…who’s in?

How much do I have to work?

Your networks, your schedule, your rules—that’s what it’s like to be an AdsMoi Ambassador. The more partners you successfully bring to AdsMoi, the more you’ll earn for your cause—or for yourself.

OK—but why should I use AdsMoi?

It’s simple: AdsMoi helps users and their extended friends, families and social networks shop with a cause. Unlike any other platform out there, AdsMoi helps its influencers achieve their financial goals, whether they’re personal, professional or charitable. And—bonus!—there’s no extra legwork or heavy lifting. Simply click through (and direct your contacts to do the same) with your unique AdsMoi shopping link and voila you’ll be driving revenue to the cause you care about most and, even better, getting great deals in the process.

How does AdsMoi work?

Using AdsMoi is simple. Select your cause—it could be personal, philanthropic or anything in between—and share your AdsMoi shopping link with your friends, family, fans and followers. When they shop using your link, you’ll earn cash back and a host of rewards to give your cause a boost. Keep promoting your URL and, in no time, you’ll create a steady stream of incremental revenue that will, no doubt, put those lofty financial goals within reach!

How do I earn money for my personal/social cause?

Generating funds for your causes has never been easier! You’ll get a percentage back of everything you and your extended social circle spends online, when those sales come through your personalized AdsMoi URL. Up to 1% will be funneled directly to your account—your cause—as it’s spent, creating an ongoing income source that helps get your causes funded fast. If you’ve got 500 contacts and just 20%—100 people—spend $100 per month online using your AdsMoi link, you’d earn $100 cash back without breaking a sweat. Multiply that number by your extended network—friends of friends, other cause supporters, contacts outside of your social reach—and you could earn thousands of dollars each month by doing what you love: sharing and socializing!

What do my referrals have to do?

Simply use your AdsMoi URL when they shop—it’s that easy! From there, they’ll shop online just like they always do…with the added bonus of contributing to your cause and saving big on virtually everything they buy!

Will my friends receive unwanted emails/messages from AdsMoi?

Never. We respect your privacy—and your friends’!



What if the store I’m looking for isn’t listed as an AdsMoi partner?

We’re constantly adding new brands and retail partners, so check back! We’ve got over 1,000 retailers working with the AdsMoi network to date, and are getting bigger by the day. If you’ve got a suggestion for a new partner, email us at and we’ll see what we can do.

I’ve got great contacts—what kinds of partners are you looking for?

Maybe you’ve got in roads with top brands, and can bring those high-value relationships to AdsMoi. Or maybe you’re a leader within a larger organization—a school group, alumni association, sports league, town assembly, church or club, for example—that would benefit from being part of AdsMoi. Sign up these partner groups and you’ll earn rewards every time they buy. It’s that simple.



How do I ensure I and my cause are earning cash back?

Every time someone uses your unique AdsMoi link, you’ll automatically earn cash back—and we guarantee your account will be updated within 24 hours so you can track your earnings fast! Using that same view you’ll be able to check on total cash paid to you and your cause over time, helping you chart progress and determine exactly how close you are to meeting your goals.

What if someone returns or exchanges something they purchased through my AdsMoi link?

If an equal exchange is made, your AdsMoi account won’t be impacted. However, cash back on any returns will be deducted from your earnings at the time the return is made.



Why limit the amount of Ads per day?

The companies we are partnering with are paying you money to watch their ads in the hope you will see Ads that interest you and possibly purchase their product or service. When user’s have a limit to the Ads that can be watched per day the user tends to pick Ads that interest them more causing a higher return for our Advertisers. This creates a win-win situation making everyone involved happy and allows us to keep paying you!

Why share Ads on your social network?

This allows you to maximize the revenue you can make. Find an ad you like and share it on your social network. For each unique view of that Ad you will receive $$.

I do not have any more Ads to view!

This can occur for a few reasons:

  1. You reached your cap.
    • If this is the case don’t worry check back tomorrow to view more ads.
  2. No more ads available.
    • This can occur if we ran out of ads based on your category preferences or all together.

We are always getting more content so check back often or adjust your category preferences. – Category preferences can be adjusted under Preferences > Ad Categories.



I represent a charity—how do we benefit from AdsMoi?

All recognized charities and non-profits can join AdsMoi for free. Download the AdsMoi Fund Program document here and return to us at and we’ll help you get set up. By promoting your organization’s unique AdsMoi link to your followers, fans and their extended networks, you’ll create a steady steam of ongoing revenue for your cause.

Can I see how many members and contacts are using our AdsMoi link to shop?

Absolutely! In your customized dashboard you’ll be able to track all member contributions and see who’s shopping with a purpose—and that means you’ll be able to send them a big THANKS for their support each time!

Will you send unwanted emails or messages to our members?

Never—we respect your privacy and the privacy of every member of your organization.

Will AdsMoi share my personal contact information, or the contact information for my members?

Again, never—we’ll never ask you for your members’ personal contact information, so all communications related to AdsMoi will have to come from you or your group. And, regarding your info: AdsMoi does not sell its user lists or make that data public to third parties. Your privacy is extremely important to us!

If I shop and the cash back goes to a non-profit or charity, do I get a tax deduction?

Yes! AdsMoi will work directly with the organization you’re supporting to provide you with the documentation you need to get the maximum charitable deductions on your upcoming taxes.