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About Us & Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

New to Adsmoi? Learn the ins and outs of the platform with these comprehensive FAQs

What is Adsmoi? Adsmoi is a cashback platform whose chief aim is to help organizations and individuals to fundraise by utilizing an ecosystem of mutual benefit. Cash rewards can be directed to any cause, organization, or purpose.

What is Cash-Back? Cashback refers to a form of incentive offered to buyers of certain products whereby they receive a cash refund after making their purchase.

How does Adsmoi Work? Using Adsmoi is simple. Select your cause—it could be personal, philanthropic or anything in between—and when you shop your cash rewards will be directed to your selected cause.

Is there a fee to use Adsmoi? No. Any person or organization can create a free Adsmoi account. When you select a store to shop from, you are directed to their site to shop as you normally. The only charges that you are the ones charged by the stores for the items that you are purchasing.

Do I have to direct my cashback to an organization? No. In addition to being able to direct cash back to any cause or organization, you may also choose to keep your cashback proceeds for personal use.

Is Adsmoi only for Organizations? No Adsmoi can be used by individuals to fundraise as well.

Why does my profile show points? Every 100 points represents $1 earned for your fundraiser. Once you reach $35 or 3500 you will be able to cash out, ie receive your cash.

How do I receive my funds? Once you reach $35 or 3500 you will be able to cash out, ie receive your cash. You will receive your funds in the form of a check from Admsoi.

What if the store I’m looking for isn’t listed as an Adsmoi partner?  We’re constantly adding new brands and retail partners, so check back! We have over 1,000 retailers working with the Adsmoi network to date, and are getting bigger by the day. If you’ve got a suggestion for a new partner, email us at and we’ll see what we can do.

What if someone returns or exchanges something they purchased through my Adsmoi link? If an equal exchange is made, your Adsmoi account won’t be impacted. However, cash back on any returns will be deducted from your earnings at the time the return is made.

Can I see how many members and contacts are using our Adsmoi link to shop? Absolutely! In your customized dashboard you’ll be able to track all member contributions and see who’s shopping with a purpose—and that means you’ll be able to send them a big THANKS for their support each time!