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If you’ve got a cause—it could be a charity, a church, a non-profit or, simply, a senior trip, prom or sorority event—chances are, you’re finding it harder and harder to raise funds than even a year ago. There’s a lot at play here, from potential donors feeling the economic pinch to millennials being less engaged in fundraising and giving than previous generations. What’s more, mobile and social media has become a major driving factor in the way we raise funds today—just last year, more web traffic came from mobile devices than from desktop computers. And that, even by itself, has changed the fundraising game. Today, it’s not enough to send an email or set up a bake sale. Cause leaders can’t simply sit back and wait for generous donors to open their wallets. There are countless causes, events and charities, all equally worthy of consumers’ time, attention, resources and funds. So how can you cut through the clutter, get in front of your prospective donors, and drive ongoing, incremental revenue to your cause? With AdsMoi.

Think about it: people are already shopping and buying online, right? Why not give them a meaningful purpose to anchor their buying in—YOU. Your cause, your special event, your trip, your charity. The key to increasing your donor base is by having great relationships—which, no doubt, you already have—and providing a strong value proposition. For traditional fundraising that’s, simply, where the money will go and how it will ultimately be used. But by leveraging the AdsMoi platform you’re doubling the value to donors—they’re getting value by supporting you and your cause, by purchasing great products and services, and by getting exclusive discounts and offers on those must-haves. It’s a win, win, WIN, leveraging the best of ecommerce and traditional fundraising for a powerful resonance with your potential donors.

So what’s your job? To continue being the social influencer you are. Check out the latest and the greatest on AdsMoi, and share what you love with your fans, friends, families and followers. Inspire them to shop with a purpose—you and your cause—each time they click to buy. It’s as simple as following your unique AdsMoi link when they start—from there, you’re creating a consistent, ongoing revenue source for your cause.

From here, you’ll boost your AdsMoi fundraising by following some traditional donor tactics. Start by showing your network the good they’ll be doing by supporting you and your cause now and in the future. And when they buy, show them how their purchases drove major impact through pictures, testimonials, videos and other interactive digital and social outreach. Then make the ask—maybe it’s more engagement with your AdsMoi link, maybe it’s sharing that link with their friends, families and social followers, or maybe it’s making a straightforward donation to your cause. No matter what, you’re scoring a major boost for what’s important to you, and helping others shop with a purpose. And that’s something you can feel good about.