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Cost of customer acquisition can be a sticky subject. Depending on the value of your products and services, the money spent against attracting a new consumer—not even a long-term loyalist—can range from a few dollars into the hundreds or even thousands. Travel behemoth, for example, spends about $7 per customer acquisition. On the other side of the consumer spectrum, Sprint PCS is dropping over $300 just to bring a new cell phone user into the fold. Great if that person’s going to stay for a while—bonus if she’ll share and socialize her positive experiences—but we all know that’s not always the case.

Enter video, which in the last few years has turned digital marketing on its head. If a picture’s worth a thousand words then video, according to Forrester Research, is worth a whopping 1.8 million words. Many brands lauded branded video content as a core solution, driving down acquisition costs while engaging consumers in all stages of the purchase funnel. Two in three Americans are visual learners. The brain can process images—including videos—a remarkable 60,000 times faster than reading copy. YouTube is the #2 search engine globally. One-third of all time spent online is spent consuming some form of video content. No matter who you’re trying to reach or how you slice it, video just makes sense.

That said, the medium is not without its challenges. Nearly half will ditch a video after one minute, and 3 in 5 will stop watching at the two-minute mark. What’s more, because of the incredible stats surrounding video marketing and engagement, an increasing number of brands are tapping into the platform for their own promotional outreach—so not only do you need to keep them engaged, you’ve got to cut through the clutter and get them watching in the first place. And—fingers crossed—they’ll like what they see and share with their own social networks…

Here’s where AdsMoi comes in. Each day, we push 10 unique branded videos and commercials to our audience of top social media influencers. They’re discerning, they’re engaged and they’re primed to share and socialize. And once they see what you’ve got to offer, they’ll tell all of their friends—equally high-value consumers with powerful networks of their own. You’ll pay when the consumer really engages—that means per completed video view. If they organically share the content with their networks, AdsMoi will offer them a little boost as our way of saying thank you for supporting partners like you.

So who’s getting on board? Plenty of major brands and newcomers—and the results are jaw dropping. Launch of a new coffee brand that rolled out its AdsMoi video campaign in early February, sharing a :21-second video clip promoting its coffee. The result? A 97% completed view rate, with 27% of viewers sharing the content through their social platforms—and for each of those social shares, 9 additional views were generated. The cost? Just pennies per engagement—a fraction of the cost of traditional acquisition methods.

Video is powerful when it comes to consumer engagement and conversion—but AdsMoi’s unique video platform goes even deeper. By connecting brands to the consumers who matter most and incentivizing meaningful engagement, AdsMoi drives down the cost of customer acquisition while ensuring strong alignment, connectivity and, above all, organic conversion and ongoing loyalty. It’s video marketing elevated, for consumers who want to not just shop, but shop with a purpose.