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About Adsmoi

Amplify Your Cause!


Launched in 2014, AdsMoi was designed to be the ultimate bridge between powerful brands and influential consumers, bringing together the best products, services and experiences with an audience that can propel them forward. Its interactive, highly social platform was designed to inspire sharing, socializing and comprehensive engagement from both sides, inspiring engagement and long-term loyalty between brands and millennial shoppers—one of the most dominant forces in the marketplace today.

However, what truly differentiates AdsMoi isn’t its top brand partners or exclusive audience of influencers, it’s the platform’s core driver: a cause. And not just one cause—any cause, charity, event, experience, organization or personal purpose individual users deem worthy. It’s your charity, your fundraising, your prom, your next semester at college—or, simply, your pocket. By aligning engagement with a meaningful end result—funds for your cause—the intrinsic value, commitment and support amongst AdsMoi influencers and their friends, family and extended social circles skyrockets, and becomes a motivating force behind millions of social shopping experiences. With each engagement, interactive, share and purchase, users and their networks are generating funds for a meaningful cause, and getting great prices on great products. It’s shopping elevated—it’s shopping with a purpose.

For brand partners, this unique environment provides the ultimate landscape to tout launches, test messaging and drive immediate, measurable results within an engaged, active, millennial-focused customer base. These high value users represent one of the most powerful shopping segment in the market today—young, socially savvy, mobile-centric trendsetters—and, through AdsMoi’s unparalleled engagement platform, partners can tap into their impact, influence and appeal better than ever before.

AdsMoi is changing the ecommerce experience starting now—and we invite brands and users to join this seismic shift in the way we shop and buy. Whether you’re a brand looking to reach this core audience, or want to start driving funds towards yourself or your causes, AdsMoi can help. Contact us now to learn more, or sign up to be an AdsMoi influencer today.