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It’s with you 24/7 (you and more than 3 in 5 Americans…). More than 4 in 5 usually have theirs within arm’s reach. If you’re a millennial, chances are it’s your alarm clock—in other words, the very first thing you see and interact with every single day. It’s your smartphone. And, chances are, you simply couldn’t live without it.

You’re not alone, either. Nearly 2 billion people worldwide own smartphones—and that number’s growing by double-digits annually. Where we’re really feeling it, though, is in two places: social and retail. And, interestingly, there’s a ton of crossover in those two buckets—we’re sharing and socializing what we buy, we’re looking to our networks for recommendations and reviews, and we’re starting the conversation about what we want and where to snag it within the social realm. Face it: if you haven’t personally done this, you’ve likely been on the influencer side of it, driving a friend, relative or contact in one direction or another.

While ecommerce is growing in a big way, it can’t compete with the exponential boom in mobile commerce sales. During the holidays—a huge indicator of future shopping trends—mobile commerce was up 25% between 2013 and 2014, versus 14% for “regular” ecommerce. That’s nearly $8 billion in sales over a span of just 8 weeks. Wow. On Cyber Monday—the Monday after Thanksgiving—mobile sales drove 22% of all online sales, up 27% from Cyber Monday 2013. I’ll say it again…wow.

So what does that mean for you, potential AdsMoi influencer? It’s simple: you’ve got more ways to monetize your social networks, driving amazing rewards and, of course, funds for yourself and the projects you care about. Everyone you know is on a smartphone, right? And, chances are, they’re already shopping or, at least, thinking about shopping on theirs. Why not tap into something they’re already doing, to do a little good? Sign up, get those personalized links to your networks, and start inspiring them to click, click, click, right from their mobile phones and tablets. It’s that easy.

Sure, there’s plenty to be made on the platform now, but think about the next few months: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, holiday shopping…it’s hundreds of billions in retail sales, at the ready. Help your friends, family and contacts shop better. Help them tap into their mobile phones and tablets to shop with a purpose: YOU. Show them how easy mobile shopping is, and how the best products at the best prices are literally in the palm of their hands. Trust us, they’ll thank you—and you’ll be on your way to funding that next great project or cause!